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The Sculpture Trail

By: deliatoh on 27 Jun 2012
Art manifests itself in many forms in our everyday lives. The concrete jungle scenery of Singapore actually carries a great many stories and significance behind it. If you want to find out how seemingly random sculptures along the streets bring out the essence and the culture of Singapore as well as the sculptors who designed them, what better way to do so than embarking on our Sculpture Trail?

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The above map shows the icons in the following order, beginning from the First Generation.

The First Generation by Chong Fah Cheong (main picture)

Located next to the famous Fullerton Hotel, The First Generation is one apt starting point for this trail because the bronze sculpture appears to immortalise the first generation of immigrants to Singapore. No matter where they came from, all had one goal in common- to escape the harsh living conditions back at home. This sculpture was the first to be unveiled among a series of similar sculptures in December 2000.

Location: Along Singapore River, next to Fullerton Hotel (1 Fullerton Square 049178)

Fishing at the River by Chern Lian Shan

Before trade had become a way of life among the Original People (or Orang Laut) of Singapore, people filled their stomachs by fishing by the Singapore River. The statue brings you back in time to the pre-founding era before the Landing of Sir Stamford Raffles.

Location: In front of The Riverwalk (20 Upper Circular Rd, 058416)

Big Bang by Brother Joseph McNally

This magnificent piece belongs to the Singapore Art Museum collection and is located opposite the MICA Building. Constructed from bronze and Opalescent Glass, the Big Bang symbolises the origin of life and remains one of Brother Joseph McNally's proudest works of art today.

Location: MICA Building (140 Hill St 179369), small courtyard

Negative Mass, Harmony of the Generations by Oh Sang Wook

This masterpiece, designed by Korean sculptor Oh Sang Wook, brings out the harmony of a tightly-knit family unit and is made of painted steel.

Location: MICA Building (140 Hill St 179369)

Taking the Past Forward by Chern Lian Shan

The sculpture by Chern Lian Shan highlights three generations- the old man who is holding the hand of the little girl, who is evidently pointing to the middle-aged woman holding a camera on the second storey of the building. Made from bronze, the family graces the front of the Peranakan Museum.

Location: Peranakan Museum (39 Armenian St, 179941)

Endless Flow by Tan Teng Kee

This sculpture was a donation from OCBC Centre Pte Ltd and is currently located opposite YMCA. The sculptor, Tan Teng Kee, graduated from Germany's State Academy of Art and also pursued art at the  Baharuddin Vocational Institute of Singapore, which during that time when the arts sectors was not as well-developed, passed as an arts school.  

Location: Along Selegie Road, in front of YMCA Building (1 Orchard Road, 238824)

Abundance III by Sun Yu Li

This prominent, giant green ring, situated at the centre of Suntec City, is probably the most popular sculpture in town.

Location: Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre (7 Raffles Ave, 039799)

Six Brushstrokes by Roy Litchtenstein

Six brushstrokes is one unique piece of work because of the intelligent blending of the Chinese calligraphy strokes with Western bebop themes. All in all, this sculpture, made from aluminium, seeks to bring out the elements of nature in a creative manner.

Location: Roy Litchtenstein Sculpture Plaza, Millenia Singapore

Seed Series by Han Sai Por

The Seed Series of sculptures can be found throughout Singapore, and the National Museum of Singapore houses just a few of the many artistic seeds scattered islandwide. Han Sai Por, the sculptor behind this intriguing and lovely collection, tributes her work to the use of granite and marble because she felt it “express[es] the significance of life”. The seeds you see at the museum were carved from sandstone excavated from the Fort Canning Hill.

Location: Esplanade Waterfront (1 Esplanade Dr 038981)

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