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Resorts World Sentosa – Crane Dance

By: deliatoh on 19 Mar 2012
Waterfront, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

(+65) 6577 8888

Operating Hours:
9pm daily excluding every Tuesdays to Thursdays except on Public Holidays and eve of Public Holidays (with effect from 1 February 2012)


If you are into romantic science fiction, catch the Crane Dance at Resorts World Sentosa. It tells the story of two mechanical cranes that developed emotions and fell in love with each other. Their love for each other then transforms them into real birds.

What makes this show interesting is the technology that goes into creating this beautiful piece. The audio-visual special effects create an almost realistic scene, allowing the audience to be mesmerised by the beauty of the colours, as well as be awed by the romantic affection shared by the cranes. Coupled with the amazing light and water effects, you could almost experience the love in the air amidst the splendour.

The concept of the Crane Dance was initially conceived and designed by the multiple-Emmy award winner Jeremy Railton. His past works include the choreography of the opening ceremony of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and concert choreography for the late Michael Jackson. The entire construction and development took place over a period of 3 years and was finally launched in the RWS on 25th Dec 2010. The entire structure weighs 500 tonnes and is powered by four hydraulic power units. Hence, while admiring the grandiose of this mechanical yet beautiful performance, do not forget the effort, hard work and energy that goes into making the Crane Dance a success!

The cranes will dance every evening at 9.00pm at the Waterfront, and the animatronics spectacle lasts 10 minutes. Catch them free of charge before you miss their flight! (The Crane Dance is unavailable every Tuesday except for School Holidays and Public Holidays)

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