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Van Gogh Alive – The Exhibition

By: deliatoh on 19 Mar 2012
This event has finished.

Fans of the famous painter Vincent van Gogh would be delighted as his legacy returns in the form of an art exhibition, held at the ArtScience Museum from April 16, 2011 to 6 November, 2011. Vincent van Gogh was a post-impressionist artist whose art was emotionally and aesthetically influential during the 20th Century, through his use of vivid colours in his work. After his death in 1890, his works have become widely celebrated, with numerous memorial exhibitions held in Paris, The Hague and Antwerp. Since then, Van Gogh has become a source of inspiration for many other budding artists who would rise to prominence, a few being Howard Hodgkin and Jackson Pollock. He was also significant in contributing to building the foundations for modern art to develop later on.

Van Gogh was famous for his works of nature during his lifetime, many being those of olive trees. His works were typically oil paintings on canvas, and he also did many variations of his own self-portrait at that time. His late paintings, however, were much more bleak and somber, a reflection of the artist's struggle with depression in his later years. Nevertheless, the mystery of Van Gogh's life and emotional tribulations, as well as the intensity of his art, kept people intrigued and fascinated and propelled him to posthumous fame.

Wheat Field with Cypresses, one of Van Gogh's last works

In commemoration of his birthday, the Artscience Museum is opening its doors to the public in showcasing the brilliant and renowned work of Vincent Van Gogh, allowing art fanatics to appreciate and draw inspiration from his life experiences, development in artistic techniques throughout his lifetime, and appreciate the fineness of his work. As the name of the museum implies, the lotus-shaped art space is the first in Singapore to combine art and technology to allow art to be expressed in the best and most awe-inspiring way. Nonetheless, even if you are not someone who is keen on art, it will still be a great experience for you to marvel at the wonder of 19th Century art, understand the different methods employed by artists to bring out different emotions and expressions, and check out the various depictions of everyday life (also an area which Van Gogh is famous for) from back in the 19th Century.

What sets this art exhibition apart is the way it engages you through your sense of sight and hearing. Using 40 high-definition projectors, Van Gogh's masterpieces will be projected onto the surrounding walls (as seen in the picture below), and the stories behind these works of art will be narrated through a soundtrack accompanied by a musical score. The pleasant ambience will most certainly give you a relaxing, serene feeling while you admire art through this creative, non-conventional, and undoubtedly interesting way. The numerous columns, islands and spaces erected along the aisles also serve as additional surface area for the projection of the works, as well as giving the projected art pieces more depth and dimension.

Van Gogh comes alive, this time with the influence of technology

Hence, don't forget to drop by the ArtScience museum to enjoy the conglomeration of Van Gogh's art with modern day technology.

The ArtScience museum is located at Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave, 018956, opening hours 10am to 10pm daily. Admission into the ArtScience Museum is: 
Adult - $30.00
Senior (65 years +) - $27.00
Child (2 - 12 years) - $17.00
School Group - $10.00
Group Sales* - $24.50 (min 25)

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