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Singapore Changi Airport

By: deliatoh on 25 May 2012
Singapore's very first tourist stop brings you a first-class experience, be it in terms of service, food, shopping or even accommodation. Many travellers to Singapore agree that Changi Airport, Singapore's home base of up to 96 airlines, is one of the most beautiful, developed and well-facilitated airports in the world, complemented by the excellent quality of service one can expect there. Undoubtedly, Changi Airport is one of the places that leaves the deepest, and not to forget most pleasant, impressions of Singapore.

Changi Airport's construction first began June 1975, and was one of the largest development projects Singapore had ever undertaken. Changi Airport was officially declared open on 29 December 1981 by then Minister for Defence, Mr Howe Yoon Chong. Ever since, development efforts have been focused on ensuring that the experience tourists get when they first step into Singapore is top quality. These include various entertainment facilities such as the Zone X arcade, department stores both in the public area and transit area, and a wide variety of outlets to choose from in terms of dining. Hence, it can be said that Changi Airport would not be where it is now as an internationally renowned airport without the effort and conscientious planning that went into it.

The first two terminals to be operational at Changi Airport are Terminals 1 and 2, which currently hold a total capacity of approximately 42 million passengers a year. Terminal 2 harbours an outdoor rooftop garden which holds the world's largest plasma screen.

Airport Terminal 1 Departure Hall
Departure Hall at Terminal 1

The newly opened Terminal 3, which officially became operational in 2008, has a slightly different interior design as it now incorporates elements of greenery and nature within its walls. Its walls are made from large transparent glass panels supported by steel, which contrast the natural vibes the interior brings out but allows the building to look elegant and classy as per most other new airports. Perhaps the most distinctive structure at Terminal 3 would be the “Green Wall”, which consists of a large waterfall, accessorised with creepers and ferns.

changi airport terminal 3
The luxurious Terminal 3, with the majestic Green Wall

So what can you, the tourist, expect to do at Changi Airport after disembarkation?

Firstly, if you require a little nap after a long and tedious flight, be sure to check out the Crowne Plaza hotel, located just right next to Terminal 3 and just a 10 minute Skytrain ride away from the other terminals. Apart from the exquisite and unique exterior that hints at the luxury and tip-top service of the hotel, the hotel is also home to delicious international cuisine. How can anyone resist the eclectic range of restaurants and variety of the dishes? Besides, you will also get to immerse yourselves in the comfort of elegant and well-furnished rooms.

Hungry? Well, Changi Airport has got everything you could possibly wish for, ranging from cafes and fast food to local delights and fine dining. Apart from MacDonald's and Burger King outlets at the airport that can efficiently satisfy your hunger, there are also other restaurants available. Try places like Swensen's if you prefer something that appeals to the general population, or, if you would like to try something Singaporean to get a taste of local culture, try the Kim Choo's Nonya Kitchen for irresistible Peranakan delights, or Crystal Jade for some tasty, authentic Chinese food.

The classy Crowne Plaza Restaurant

If you're a shopaholic and wish to satisfy your shopping urges right away, you won't have to travel far because you can get almost anything shopping at the airport itself! Apart from convenience stores for you to purchase snacks and finger food, you can also shop at luxury boutiques such as Hugo Boss and Prada right here. Fragrances, cosmetics and jewelery are also available around the various terminals. If you're keen on getting some sweet treats from our local confectionery stores, The Cocoa Trees and Candy Empire are but two of the many choices you will see at the airport.

Luxurious indulgences are right at your doorstep, even here at the airport. Wellness spas and massage therapies are available for those who wish to revitalise their health and beauty. A wide range of healthcare products can also be purchased from reputable pharmacies at the airport, namely Eu Yan Sang, Guardian and Watsons.

Finally, apart from shopping, dining and entertainment, the airport itself already contains a few notable icons that are considered must-visits. Nature lovers must not miss the Butterfly Garden located at Terminal 3 of the airport. Here, admire the peaceful greenery and beautiful tropical butterfly habitat. This is a world-first, so this will definitely be a unique sightseeing experience. If you're at Terminal 2, you will also be able to enjoy the glamour of the Sunflower and Light Garden. It features firefly effects and an illuminated bamboo walk-through which make the entire exploration are more unique and impressionable one.

The world's very first Butterfly Garden

Hence, don't hesitate to get an all-round experience at our very own Changi International Airport before heading on to see the rest of the Lion City!

Skytrain Services:
Terminals 1, 2 and 3 at Changi Airport are interlinked by the Skytrain. The Skytrain service is operational from 5.00am to 2.30am. During the non-operational hours, travellers who are within the transit areas are advised to make use of the inter-terminal travellators. A shuttle bus service is available for those who need to make inter-terminal connections in the public areas.

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  • If you're transiting in Singapore, depending on the length of your stopover, you may either drop by the Singapore Visitors' Centre for tips as to what to do, or try going for a movie at the theatres at Changi Airport.