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F1 Singapore Grand Prix Circuit Map

By: anniel on 27 Aug 2012
Naturally, the price you pay for each grandstand reflects the view you will have. These pieces of information about the grandstands - pulled from official sources and insider experience - should help you make up your mind! (Prices are in Singapore dollars)

Singapore GP Circuit Map

Grandstands in Chronological Order:

1. Pit Grandstand (inc. Marina Pit) ($1288)*
Situated right opposite the team garages, ticketholders are set to enjoy the heart-stopping vantage point of both the starting grid and finishing line. Beside it is the Marina Pit, a wheelchair accessible platform (limited availability) which offers views of the cars tearing down the pit straight before cautiously approaching Turn 1. Located in Zone 1, Pit Grandstand patrons have access to the F1 Village where you can buy exclusive Formula 1 souvenirs, view exhibits, enjoy performances, and more!

History: The pit straight is where Heikki Kovalainen's Lotus caught fire in the final leg of the 2010 race, prompting him to extinguish the fire himself.

2-3. Turn 1 and Turn 2 Grandstands ($1288)
Here, you can witness up-close the sheer skill of a Formula 1 driver as they jostle for the best position at this turn after flag-off. With a clear view of the first three corners of the track and the cars exiting the Pit Lane, you will be able to witness the incredible braking power of a Formula 1 car (at this corner, drivers slow down from more than 200km/h to around 90km/h). These top-price tickets, along with the Pit, are among the best non-premier seats in the house, giving a view of the cars lining up for the start of the race. 

History: Turn 2 is where Mark Webber's car hit the barriers in 2009, ending his race prematurely.

4. Premier Grandstand (Turn 3) ($2128)
Located at the end of the first set of turns coming out of Sheares, you can watch the cars competing for overtaking opportunities and going full throttle down Republic Boulevard. The new Turn 3 Premier Grandstand offers an upgraded experience for those who want to be close to the action while enjoying more exclusivity and convenience.

Each ticket includes 2 full meal vouchers , 2 snack vouchers and 5 drink vouchers per day (beer, wine or soft drinks), which can be redeemed at the dedicated premium F&B facilities directly behind the grandstand. Patrons will also get $100 Singapore GP merchandise vouchers to shop at the exclusive outlet at the grandstand, and receive a branded amenity pack daily, with quality earplugs, poncho, water spray, moist towelette and sunscreen.

5. Stamford Grandstand ($698)
Placed between turns 7 and 8 at the War Memorial Park, this grandstand boasts excellent vantage points. This includes views of the cars negotiating multiple turns and braking from nearly 300km/h through Memorial down to 110km/h for the third gear left-hand turn onto Nicoll Highway. At the other end of the grandstand, spectators will be able to enjoy views of the cars tackling Turn 8 where in 2011, Michael Schumacher climbed over the back of Sergio Perez's Sauber and crashed into retirement.

6. Padang Grandstand ($598)*
Situated on the driver's left, this grandstand offers a view of the cars exiting Turn 9 and racing shoulder-to-shoulder at about 240km/h along St. Andrew's Road.

Spectators can also enjoy access to the Padang main stage, which will feature headline acts Maroon 5, Jay Chou, and Katy Perry.

7. Connaught Grandstand ($698)
This grandstand lets you watch the cars accelerate up to 280km/h as they cross the Esplanade Bridge and jostle for overtaking opportunities at turn 14. Also shaded from the setting sun.

History :This tight corner was the scene of an incident in 2009 involving Adrian Stil, Nick Heidfeld and Jaime Alguersuari, which forced a premature retirement for Sutil in the race.

8. Empress Place Grandstand (wheelchair-accessible) ($198)
Another grandstand built exclusively for wheelchair-bound patrons and their companions, this platform near the Asian Civilization Museum offers views of the cars exiting the infamous Singapore Sling (turn 10) after decelerating, and heading towards turns 11 and 12 after Anderson Bridge.

History: It was at turn 10 that Kimi Raikkonen and Giancarlo Fisichella crashed into the barriers at the 2008 race and practice session respectively.

9. Esplanade Waterfront Grandstand ($598)*
If you're here, you can get a close-up view of the cars accelerating towards the stunning Marina waterfront before driving under the Bay Grandstand. This section of track stresses slow speed traction as drivers will have to first make the sharp right-hand turn 16 before tackling the left-hand turn 17. The lower rows here let you get very close to the cars, which is more exciting for a slow part of the circuit like this one, and is also shaded from the sun.

History: In 2008, both Felipa Massa and Sebastian Bourdais overshot Turn 16, losing them precious time.

10. Bay Grandstand ($298)*
Hear the roar beneath your feet as cars race past this picturesque waterfront stretch and drive underneath the Bay Grandstand, a signature feature of the Singapore circuit. This section of the track has proven to be an Achilles' heel for many of the drivers as it requires them to negotiate four angled turns (16-19) in quick succession. Though the seats may be a little cramped, they are value for money as they are cheaper than the premium walkabout tickets.

*Group discounts available at these grandstands. Click our article on the F1 price breakdown for more details.

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