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ComeSingapore.com's MySingapore Photo Contest Winners

By: anniel on 10 Aug 2011

In June 2011, ComeSingapore.com launched the MySingapore iPad 2 giveaway. Inviting both locals and visitors to submit photos and tourist tips, the campaign asked for their Singapore experiences – and they answered! We received over 300 responses, further propelling ComeSingapore.com into the public spotlight as the one-stop travel portal for every Singapore explorer.

We asked renowned photographer Willy Foo to judge his 10 favourite photographs. After carefully looking through the collection submitted by ComeSingapore.com users, these ten winners emerged, all winning a pair of movie tickets. We couldn't agree more with his choices. Now you can enjoy with us each beautiful encapsulation of Singaporean culture, art and life.

You, too, can contribute to the Singapore story by sharing your own photographs on ComeSingapore.com, giving the world your take on our unique country.

1. Evening Glow by bert_ng

This striking depiction of Tiong Bahru's local food market, enhanced by the dark colours of the skyline, makes the lavender table covers look like budding flora. There's beauty in the everyday. Notice that there are a few Singapore flags in the picture too – talk about patriotism!


2. Fullerton Hotel by ptrgan

Capturing a sunrise is not an easy feat, but this photographer caught the sun just peaking behind the grand building. We love the majesty of the scene - the golden antiquity of the One Fullerton hotel, framed by the cars and streetlights below.


3. Orchard Central and Orchard Point by miketanct

Singapore is famous for its shopping culture! This picture of Orchard Central gives you a modern take on Orchard Road, Singapore's most popular destination. Gleaming like a giant jewel, its candy colors shine brightly against the sky as patrons shop at dusk.


 4. A Ray of Light by abhilash83

Singapore's often not known for its temples when compared to its Asian neighbors, but this photo shatters that stigma. This photographer has shown that Singapore's rich cultural diversity allows such intricate temples to flourish, with the background sun casting an ethereal glow over the entire building.


 5. The Lotus by DDIONN

The lotus-inspired ArtScience Museum at the Marina Bay Sands is one of Singapore's newest icons, looking absolutely gothic and awe-inspiring in this photograph. Looming in the foreground and starkly brought to life in beautiful dark shadows, the simple black and white shot makes the lotus a stunner.


 6. Clarke Quay by shonntan

The lens flare in this photograph adds a fairy-like glow to the streets, while the crystal reflections in the river light up Singapore's night scene. Truly an urban city, this picture shows off one of our country's most colourful assets.


7. Sunset at Changi Boardwalk by shunquan1988

One look at this picture of tranquility and you might not have guessed this was Singapore. Tucked away from the city and people, here is a glimpse into the natural side of our island. Few ever take time to find such moments of peace - just another aspect of our multifaceted Singapore.


8. Infinity Pool by marksicat

Using a fish eye lens to capture this photograph, this brave photographer traveled to Marina Bay Sand's pool on the top of the building. The fiery sky sings of a beautiful blood red sunset, and instead of an endless ocean, swimmers look out to the skyline.

 9. Soaring Kites at Marina Barrage by himanshugaurav

This photograph evokes nostalgia of older times as kites are silhouetted in the azure sky, but also speaks of optimism and youthfulness. There is a hint of yellow sunshine peeking at the edge of the horizon, indicating another day is coming soon. 

Check out the rest of the shortlisted photos on our facebook album, or explore the full gallery in its quirky entirety!

About Willy Foo
Former IT consultant Willy Foo began his journey as a professional photographer when he wired his camera to a notebook carried in a backpack. The pictures he took at events were projected live wirelessly. This 'live' coverage was a hit and Willy turned his hobby into a business founding Live!Studios Interactive Photography. The company grew from a 2-man company to one of the most sought after photography companies in Singapore covering more than 800 shoots in 2010. 

Ipad 2 Winner announced here!

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