Announces Winner of MySingapore iPad 2 Campaign

By: anniel on 25 Jul 2011
8 July 2011 – awarded a new iPad 2 to Danni Payten, 13, concluding a month-long campaign to increase user interaction and activity on the website.

With a unique lucky draw design, ComeSingapore ensured a fair and transparent way of selecting the winner by using a public formula and the national lottery's draw numbers. Users could calculate and verify the winning number themselves on the actual day.

Payten’s photo of a bull statue at Chinatown was assigned the number 550, which turned out to be the winning ticket.    

Photo: Payten proudly displays her new iPad 2 at the Travelogy office.

Payten was delighted and surprised to have won. “I find ComeSingapore extremely user-friendly and a fun and knowledgeable site,” said Payten. She praised the site for its attractiveness and timeliness, saying she would recommend it to locals and tourists alike.

Payten, a British student, arrived in Singapore one month ago from South Africa. Her expatriate parents  used even prior to their arrival for travel tips and things to do in Singapore, which made them familiar with the campaign.

The MySingapore iPad 2 campaign (rules) was designed to promote user submissions on the website. Each new user registration, photo or tourist tip submitted generated a set number of raffle tickets for the user. Well-liked contest entries would generate bonus tickets, motivating users to share their content.

The campaign successfully generated more than 8,000 likes on facebook and helped ComeSingapore acquire hundreds of user photos and tourist tips.

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