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How to Watch the Singapore Grand Prix on a Budget

By: yuhang on 19 Apr 2012
The Formula 1 Races promise to be a grand event every year - but you don't have to spend enormously to enjoy it! For those on a budget, there are ways to stretch your dollar with just a bit of invested effort.

1. Stick to the Zone 4 Tickets
The cheapest official access to the Singapore Grand Prix comes in the tickets that give you access to Zone 4 only - starting at $168. The three cheapest ticket types are: Bay Grandstand (from S$208), Zone 4 Walkabout (from $178), and the Empress Place Platform (from $168), none of which have access to Zones 1 and 2.

2. Group booking specials
This year, the Singapore Grand Prix is offering a discount at four grandstands when booking tickets with a group of 4 and above. At the Pit, Esplanade, Padang, and Bay Grandstands, save between $50-$200 by booking in groups of 4 or 8 and above.

3. Come prepared
You won't be allowed to bring glass bottles with you, but you can bring your own plastic bottled water. Be sure to pack some food, a fan, a cap and your own earbuds if you have them, because they are likely to cost a lot more on location.

View from Bay Grandstand

4. Stay in a hostel
Hostels can be a fifth of what you'd spend in a hotel in Singapore. The basic amenities are there - a clean, fresh bed; Wifi access; hot shower. Allow for a bit of travelling time since hostels aren't as close to the track as the 5-star hotels in town.

5. Book your flights now
Many budget airlines fly into Singapore, SE Asia's travel hub. Tickets for September are already starting to get pricier so do book early to save on airfare - don't rely on a last-minute sale to get you out of the country!

6. Eat at the Hawker Village
Located at Connaught Drive (Zone 4), the food here is good, filling and less expensive than the restaurants around the circuit. It's got a wide range of food choices and puts up a good representation of the local Singapore culinary experience! Also look out for the Glutton's Bay Hawker Centre, which will boast the lowest food prices.

Glutton's Bay Hawker Stall

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