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The A-Zs of CA-ZINO words

By: LaviniaS on 25 Oct 2011
Everything You Need To Know About Casinos In Singapore

Junket? Premium player? Special employees? Confused by some terms mentioned on websites or even at the actual casino? Fear not, as we explore the A - Zs of Casino terminology. 

Here are some key words the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) of Singapore wants you to know!

'authorised bank' means any bank authorised by the CRA

'casino' means any premises, or part of premises, within a designated site where persons may participate in one or more games approved by the CRA

'casino licence' means a casino licence granted under by the CRA

'casino operator' means a person who is the holder of a casino licence.

'chips' means any tokens used instead of money for the purpose of gaming.

“CRA” means the Casino Regulatory Association in Singapore

'designated site' means any land designated by the Minister of Home Affairs  as a site on which a casino may be located

'electronic monitoring system' means any electronic or computer or communications system or device that is so designed that it may be used, or adapted, to send or receive data from gaming equipment in relation to the security, accounting or operation of gaming equipment.

'excluded person' means a person barred from entering or remaining on any casino premises

'game' means a game of chance or a game that is partly a game of chance and partly a game requiring skill

'gaming equipment' means any device or thing (including chips) used, or capable of being used, for or in connection with gaming

'gaming machine' means any device, whether wholly or partly mechanically or electronically operated, that is so designed that ––

(a) it may be used for the purpose of playing a game of chance or a game of mixed chance and skill. and
(b) as a result of making a bet on the device, winnings may become payable,
'inspector' means an inspector appointed under section 13 (5).
'jackpot' means the combination of letters, numbers, symbols or representations required to be displayed on the reels or video screen of a gaming machine so that the winnings in accordance with the prize payout scale displayed on the machine are payable from money which accumulates as contributions are made to a special prize pool.

'junket' means an arrangement whereby a person or a group of people is introduced to a casino operator by a junket promoter who receives a commission or other payment from the casino operator or the person for the time being in charge of the casino.

'junket player' means a person who participates in a junket, whether or not the person is also a premium player.

'junket promoter' means a person who organises or promotes a junket.

'linked jackpot arrangement' means an arrangement whereby 2 or more gaming machines are linked to a device that records an amount which, in the event of a jackpot or other result being obtained, may be payable as winnings, and is not capable of affecting the outcome of a game on a gaming machine to which the device is linked.

'linked jackpot equipment' means any jackpot meter, payout display, linking equipment, computer equipment, programming or other device (other than a gaming machine) forming, or capable of forming, part of a linked jackpot arrangement.

'NCPG' means the National Council on Problem Gambling.

'operations' , in relation to a casino, means —

(a) the conduct of gaming in the casino.
(b) the management and supervision of the conduct of gaming in the casino.
(c) money counting in, and in relation to, the casino.
(d) accounting procedures in, and in relation to, the casino.
(e) the use of storage areas within the casino premises. and
(f) other matters affecting or arising out of activities in the casino.

'premium player' means a patron of a casino who maintains a deposit account with the casino operator with a credit balance of not less than $100,000 before the commencement of play by him in the casino.

'record' includes any book, account, document, paper or other source of information compiled, recorded or stored in written form, or on microfilm, or by electronic process, or in any other matter or by any other means.

'special employee' means a person who —

(a) is employed or working in a casino in a managerial capacity or who is authorised to make decisions, involving the exercise of his discretion, that regulate the operations of a casino. or
(b) is employed or working in a casino in any capacity relating to any of the following activities:
(i) the conduct of gaming.
(ii) the counting and movement of money or chips about the casino premises.
(iii) the security and surveillance of the casino.
(iv) the operation, maintenance, construction or repair of gaming equipment.
(v) the supervision of any of the above activities.
'special employee licence' means a special employee licence issued by the CRA


 Minister may revoke order for designated site or cancel casino licence in public interest
The Minister shall pay such fair compensation as the Minister may determine for any damage caused to the casino operator concerned by reason of the revocation of the order or cancellation of the casino licence by the Minister.

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