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Casino Regulatory Authority

By: LaviniaS on 19 Jul 2011
Do you know what the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore does?

  1. Ensuring that the management and operation of a casino is and remains free from criminal influence or exploitation
  2. Ensuring that gaming in a casino is conducted honestly
  3. Containing and controlling the potential of a casino to cause harm to minors, vulnerable persons and society at large

  • To be the referenced casino regulator that fosters a self-regulating casino industry

  • Integrity Openness Agility Insightfulness Respect

So what does the CRA actually do?

The CRA regulates everything the casinos do, from granting them the right to operate to banning casino advertisements in Singapore. Indeed, the CRA has made it illegal for any casino in Singapore to advertise gaming (gambling)! Casinos are only allowed to advertise their accommodations, restaurants and other tourist attractions, which is probably why you've been seeing Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa advertise their other services a lot, but never actually seen gambling ads.  


 Did you know that the two integrated resorts (or more popularly known as casinos) in Singapore can only advertise indirectly through other vendors?

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