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How To Play: Three Pictures

By: LaviniaS on 18 Jul 2011

A wager on the “Tie bet” and/or “Three Pictures bet” may be placed after the Player has placed an initial bet.
After all wagers have been placed, starting from the Dealer’s left and continuing clockwise, the Dealer shall deal three cards face down to each playing area. The Dealer will receive the last hand dealt.

After examining their cards, each Player will return them face up to their respective playing area.

After all hands have been returned, the Dealer will expose and announce his hand.

Upon comparing his hand to each Player’s hand, the Dealer shall declare whether each Player has won, lost or tied. Each hand consists of three cards with the point total of each hand determined by adding the value of each individual card.

The point value of each card is their face value except for:

Ten, King, Queen, Jack, which have a point value of zero, but only King, Queen and Jack will rank as knight cards with their respective point total.

The point total of a hand shall be:
That number where the total value of the cards in the hand is a number between zero and nine; or the right digit of that number where the total value of the cards in the hand is the number ten or a higher number.

Three Knight Cards is the highest ranking hand.

Thereafter, hands are determined based on their point total from 0 to 9.

When a Player and the Dealer have the same point total, the hand with the most Knight cards wins.

If both the Dealer’s and Player’s hand have the same point total and the same number of Knight Cards, the hand will be declared a “Tie”.

The Knight cards have no ranking, i.e. KK is equal to QJ and not higher than QJ.

There are no ranking of suits in the game of Three Pictures.

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