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How To Play: Money Wheel

By: LaviniaS on 19 Jul 2011

A Player in the game of Money Wheel places one or more wagers using cash chips or colour chips or both on any of the symbols (listed under rule 3.5) on the layout.

A wager wins if the wheel comes to a stop on the compartment with the symbol matching the one on the layout chosen by the Player.

A Player may wager on any or all of the following symbols:
Fan, Crackers, Lantern, Vase, Chopsticks, Lucky Charm, Gold Ingot
The wheel must complete three full revolutions to constitute a valid spin.

The indicator must be clearly inside one of the compartments at the completion of a spin to constitute a valid spin.

Upon the indicator coming to rest in a compartment of the wheel, the Dealer shall announce the winning symbol and shall place the winning area marker on the winning symbol on the layout.



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