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Night Lights 2011

By: hafifah on 30 Nov 2011
Experience Bras Basah in a new light as the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) presents all seven light installations for the final weekend of Night Lights 2011!

Night Lights 2011, presented by the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) as part of Night Festival 2011, is a nine-evening outdoor showcase of spectacular light installations from France. Witness the breathtaking transformation of the Bras Basah cultural precinct as works at SAM, School of the Arts (SOTA), Singapore Management University (SMU) and National Museum of Singapore (NMS) illuminate the night.

 New works premiering on the second weekend of the showcase include:

- An interactive visual and sound-based mapping projection that allows visitors to transform the facade of SAM [Lyrical Perspective (Perspective Lyrique) by 1024 architecture];

- A row of gigantic table lamps lighting up the walkway between SMU and SOTA (Lampounettes by TILT);

- An army of eco-invaders, inspired by a popular video game, marching down the SMU campus (Green Invaders by Yves Caizergues)

Visitors to the final weekend of Night Lights 2011 will also be treated to a variety of activities specially organised by SAM, including a flea market, 'live' acoustic and jazz concerts, film screenings, an Art Party featuring music by the famed Le Pompon Paris and a Reactive Wall by Mojoko and Shang Liang, that generates popular local and graphic icons on an interactive wall.

Join SAM as all seven works are unveiled, and meet the artists behind these imaginative light artworks as you go through this trail of Night Lights!


Fri 2 Sep & Sat 3 Sep Weekend

Visitors will be able to tour the full range of all seven light installations at Night Lights 2011, as they spend the second weekend indulging in this whimsical voyage that will transform the familiar Bras Basah cultural precinct. Embark on this exciting walking trail with family and friends, to enjoy the installations alongside the long list of on-site activities, including the Reactive Wall installation and an Art Party featuring music and visual artists from Singapore and the famed Le Pompon, Paris.

Lyrical Perspective (Perspective Lyrique) 
by 1024 architecture | 7.30pm – 2am | Singapore Art Museum Front Lawn

Lyrical Perspective (Perspective Lyrique)  is a visual and sound-based interactive mapping projection that invites you to make the SAM façade come alive with the sound of your voice.  1024 architecture is a creative duo who design projects that combine architecture, image, sound and light and blur realities.

by TILT | 7.30pm – 2am | Singapore Management University Walkway along Bras Basah Road 

Lampounettes is a row of gigantic table lamps that will greet and light your way as you make your way along SMU to or from SOTA.  TILT is a collective that designs and creates stage lighting and luminous sets and installations.

Green Invaders 
by Yves Caizergues | 7.30pm – 2am | Singapore Management University Campus Green

Green Invaders is an army of eco-invaders inspired by a legendary video game.  See the army march down and bathe the SMU Campus Green in green light. Yves Caizergues is a video game enthusiast who creates stage and event lighting as well as outdoor light installations.

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Parking Mad (Le Parking en folie) 
by Benedetto Buffalino | 9.30pm – 2am | National Museum of Singapore Front Lawn

Parking Mad is a row of parked cars gone wild, flashing lights from their windows sometimes in a frenzied conversation with one another, sometimes in synchronised patterns. Benedetto Buffalino likes to give inanimate street objects a life of their own with lights, turning familiar neighbourhood sights into a surreal environment. Visit www.benedetto.new.fr for more information.

The Fish Tree 
by BIBI | 7.30pm – 2am | School of the Arts Facade

The Fish Tree is a school of magical fish, made by BIBI from everyday plastic objects and with mysterious power, that come alive at night and light up SOTA’s façade.  BIBI’s works explore man’s relationship with his environment.  He creates installations made of disused common plastic objects given new life with a touch of light. Visit www.bibi.fr for more information.

by Alain Benini | 7.30pm – 2am | Singapore Art Museum Courtyard

Curiosités is a nest of luminous jellyfish that rise up from the fountains and float over the SAM courtyard in a curious ballet of tentacles.  Alain Benini is an architect who also designs light installations for building facades and night festivals around the world.

The Cloud (Le Nuage) 
by SUPERBIEN | 7.30pm – 2am | Singapore Art Museum Queen Street Wing

The Cloud is an atmospheric apparition which becomes visible only at night. Watch this projection of a colourful electrical cloud assuming a life of its own on a silent façade. The light installation is created by creative agency SUPERBIEN.


Flea Market
7pm – 2am | Singapore Art Museum at 8Q Plaza
- Indulge in some retail therapy in this flea market which features locally designed and crafted items and accessories, pre-loved clothes, accessories, books, cameras, vintage collectibles and more.

Art Party featuring music and visual artists from Singapore and Le Pompon, Paris
Fri 2 Sep | 9pm – 2am | Glass Hall, Singapore Art Museum
- Immerse yourself in the vibe and energy of chic Parisian club. The Art Party will feature DJs from the Pain O choKolat collective, beatboxer Tez from the famed Le Pompon club in Paris, as well as DJ Has.

Reactive Wall by Mojoko in collaboration with Shang Liang
Thur, 1 Sep - Sun, 2 Oct | Level 2, Singapore Art Museum
- A collaboration between artist Mojoko and computer programmer Shang Liang, Reactive Wall showcases over 200 elements including popular local and graphic icons that have become a familiar part of our lives over the years. By making sounds through microphones, visitors can generate more icons which pop up and cover the wall. This combination of human participation and contemporary graphics sampled from everyday life makes Reactive Wall a fun, interactive artwork that visitors can relate to in many ways.

Photography Talk Sessions: Night Photography
Sat 3 Sep | 7 - 9pm | Glass Hall, Singapore Art Museum
- Enjoy contemporary expressions through photography at SAM. Experienced photographers will share tips and tricks on low light and night photography. The talk will be followed by a hands-on session in groups led by mentors who will walk you through the Night Lights installations. Bring along your camera.
- Co-organised by the Singapore Art Museum and ClubSNAP.
- Light refreshments from 6:15pm.
- Limited space. Please register by emailing [email protected] (registration secured only upon email confirmation from SAM) or via ClubSNAP’s “Special Events” webpage www.clubsnap.com.

Jazz at SAM
Sat 3 Sep | 9pm - 1am | Glass Hall, Singapore Art Museum
- Live it up with a night of jazz at SAM. Be serenaded by soulful numbers from Michaela Therese and unwind to popular classics by heartthrob Nathan Hartono. Sway to the rhythm of French Caribbean music ’Zouk’ by Andayoma and tap your feet to melodies by  Men In Groove featuring  drummer Mohamed Noor, bassist Casey and saxophonist and vocalist Leo.

Home Movies: Oxhide (Liu Jiayin, 2005, China, 110 mins, PG)
Fri, 2 Sep | 7 pm – 9pm | Moving Image Gallery, Singapore Art Museum at 8Q
- Oxhide's subject is the director's immediate family—her father, mother and herself. Shot entirely in their tiny Beijng apartment, this film is made of 23 tightly focused, precisely arranged scenes, each shot in one continuous take from a stationary camera. The family discusses their leather bag business, their financial issues, their daughter's height and other matters, and their interactions reveal much deeper concerns about self-respect, artistry, modernisation, and existential fears in a changing world.
- $10. $5 concessions for students with valid ID, senior citizens and NSFs (Tickets available from SAM and SISTIC) 

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