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Kuan Yin Thong Hood Cho Temple

By: Sheralyn on 15 Jun 2012
178 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187964

(+65) 6337 3965

Operating Hours:
Daily from 6am to 6pm

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple is a traditional Chinese temple in Singapore. Built in 1884, it was a fine example of Chinese temple architecture and traditional craftsmanship, forming a group of historically significant buildings and places along Waterloo Street.

The temple is of significance to the Chinese in Singapore, and is known to bring worshipers good luck after praying to the Kuan Yin Bodhisattva, the Goddess of Mercy. Till today. the temple remains one of the focal points of religious activity within the historic Waterloo and Bugis Street areas with thousands of devotees turning up everyday to pray for blessings from the goddess. The most festive time is the eve of the Chinese New Year when the temple is kept open all night and the street is packed with devotees praying to the Goddess for an auspicious start to the New Year.

The temple is also involved in charity work, contributing to several health and educational organizations.

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