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River Safari

By: Chan Yu Xian on 01 Apr 2013
80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826

Operating Hours:
River Safari opens daily from 9am to 6pm.


Within River Safari
Among the unique aquatic and terrestrial animals featured in the park are endangered river giants such as:
  • the Giant Salamander,
  • Giant Freshwater Stingray,
  • Mekong Giant Catfish.
  • and the Giant River Otter, the world’s largest otter that can grow up to 1.8 metres.

School Children enthralled by the Giant Mekong Catfish

Visitors will be able to tour River Safari’s freshwater galleries and immersive exhibits, including the world’s largest freshwater aquarium at the Amazon Flooded Forest and the Giant Panda Forest.

River Safari will exhibit many animals from freshwater habitats that were inspired by eight of the world’s iconic rivers as listed below.

Mississippi River

At this river you will see the:
  • beaver,
  • alligator snapping turtle,
  • alligator gar and the
  • paddlefish.

The alligator snapping turtle

Congo River

Prepare to be amazed at the Congo River

Travel down to Africa’s deepest river and marvel at
  • dwarf crocodiles and
  • colourful fishes such as the Congo tetra and jewel cichlid.

River Nile

The earth’s longest river is home to the
  • African tigerfish,
  • giraffe catfish,
  • spiny eel
  • and birchir.

The Giraffe Catfish

Ganges River

Venture down to India’s sacred Ganges River, home to
  • the Indian gharial
  • and goonch catfish.

The Indian Gharial

Murray River

At this Australian river zone, visitors can come up-close with
  • the lungfish,
  • barramundi,
  • and the Murray cod – Australia’s largest freshwater fish which can reach 1.8 metres.

Mekong River

At the Mekong River zone, visitors can catch
  • the long-tailed macaques (also known as crab-eating macaques) diving for food underwater,
  • the Mekong giant catfish, 
  • and the giant freshwater stingray.

The Giant Freshwater Stingray

Yangtze River

Kai Kai enjoying a leisurely meal in the comfort of  his home in the Singapore Zoo

From 3 April onwards, visitors planning to see the giant pandas can do so only via River Safari. Both pandas are housed at the Yangtze River zone that also features:
  • red pandas,
  • golden pheasants,
  • the Yangtze alligator
  • and the world’s largest amphibian – the Chinese giant salamander.

The Red Panda and the Golden Pheasant

The Yangtze Alligator and the Chinese Giant Salamander

Wild Amazonia - Exhibits and Animals

Visitors can explore the world’s largest river at three main exhibits: Amazon River Quest, Squirrel Monkey Forest and Amazon Flooded Forest.

Amazon River Quest (Coming Soon)
Visitors can hop on board a boat that brings them up-close to over 30 fascinating animal species like
  • the jaguar,
  • Brazilian tapir,
  • capybara, coatimundi
  • and giant anteater.

Squirrel Monkey Forest

The Squirrel Monkey Forest

Visitors can step into the Squirrel Monkey Forest and catch the agile and playful squirrel monkeys move through the trees in this walk-through habitat.

Amazon Flooded Forest 
Visitors can witness a beautiful and mysterious underwater ecosystem that is home to
  • the anacondas,
  • piranhas
  • and giant river otters.

The centrepiece of the Amazon Flooded Forest is a large aquatic display of the South American rainforest that is submerged every year during the rainy season when the river rises 30 to 40 feet.
Here, visitors can view a surreal world of
  • manatees,
  • arapaimas
  • and over 18 animal species

An Arapaima with gorgeous hues

The Amazon Flooded Forest is the world’s largest freshwater aquarium designed to provide visitors with an immersive experience, enhanced by dim lightings and mystical music.

This ecological showcase can be seen through underwater viewing galleries at different levels - from the very bottom of the forest floor up to the water’s surface.

Admission Fees

  Adult (13-59 years) Child (3 – 12 years) Senior Citizen (Above 60 years) Student Groups (Above 13 years) Student Groups (Below 13 years)
Discounted admission rate during soft opening phase* $25.00 $16.00 $12.50 $16.00 $8.00
Normal admission rate $35.00 $23.00 $17.50 $23.00 $15.00
*River Safari soft opening starts from 3 April 2013

As the boat rides and some exhibits will not be ready until a later date, daily admission during the soft opening phase will be priced at a discounted rate.

Visitors can purchase tickets at Singapore Zoo and River Safari’s ticket booth.

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