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Singapore F1 Live Concert 2011

By: anniel on 10 Apr 2012
Every year, the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix features A-list off-track entertainment to keep you revved up for the high-octane races.

Linkin Park will rock out on September 25 - Race Day - at the Padang, which all ticketholders have access to. Catch your favourite artists of all genres and other live spectacular performances by the track! This year's acts include Colombian superstar Shakira, Culture Club's Boy George, the smooth R&B singer Shaggy, K-Pop sensation GD&Top/Seungri, 80's legend Rick Astley and many others! 

The entertainment line-up at the F1 is not limited to music concerts; it'll also feature daring stuntmen, roaming performers, and glamorous celebrities, so there's never a moment to miss. 

F1 Concert 2011 Lineup

Last year, with the F1 LG Live, star artistes like Mariah Carey, Missy Elliot, Daughtry, Adam Lambert, and Sean Kingston graced the circuit, joined by a huge variety of performers, both local and and international. Catering to all tastes, the F1 street party featured Zouk's DJ Tiga, Grammy winner Raphael Saadiq, Vanessa Fernandez and more musical talent, but also live aerial theatre, opera, a Brazilian martial arts troupe, freestyle bikers and even the Chippendales.

In 2009, the climactic music event was called F1 Rocks and featured The Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, DJ Havana Brown and Chinese pop superstar Jacky Cheung, as well as the recently-reformed No Doubt, fronted by Gwen Stefani. The Backstreet Boys made an appearance, joined by other internationally acclaimed musicians from the UK to the Philippines. Singapore's first Night Race in 2008 featured Bob Marley’s Wailers.

Don't miss out this year and check back for updates on the F1 concert soon!


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