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River Safari welcomes Giant Pandas

By: Serene Low on 27 Aug 2012
Singaporeans can welcome some new additions to Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s (WRS) latest attraction, the River Safari.

Kai Kai and Jia Jia, a pair of giant pandas, will be flown in from China and brought to the new wildlife park. The move is part of a joint collaboration between China Wildlife Conservation Association and WRS to build awareness and increase efforts of wildlife conservation for the threatened species. This makes Singapore the 9th country to receive giant pandas from China in 18 years.

The animals are due to arrive on our shores on the 6th of September, and they will spend a month in quarantine before being allowed into their new enclosure. The pair will be kept in a special climate-controlled exhibit in the Yangtze River section of the River Safari, and visitors can look forward to meeting them when they go on public display in December this year. The pandas will stay in the Singapore for the next 10 years.

Besides the giant pandas, the Yangtze River display will also house some of China’s other endangered species like the giant salamander and red panda. The park also contains over 300 animal species and 150 plant species from river habitats worldwide.

Kai Kai and Jia Jia

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