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Art Garden 2013

By: Shihyu on 21 May 2013
Singapore Art Museum's (SAM) Art Garden, the hugely popular contemporary art exhibition for children, returns for its fourth edition from 17 May to 1 September 2013. Held in conjunction with Children's Season 2013, it will showcase eight large-scale works that seek to capture its young audiences' imagination and stimulate their minds.

Art Garden has proven to be a success story and it has become one of SAM's signature exhibitions since its debut in 2009. It has reached out well to children with its interactive exhibits and fun activities, and Art Garden 2013 builds on the success of the previous editions to continue to excite and inspire its young visitors.

Here are some of the main installations on the line up of Art Garden 2013:
Sandra Lee
The Enchanted Garden City

Visitors step into a huge colourful set illustrated by Lee, and enter a world of favourite fairytales and nursery rhymes given an Asian twist. Look out for characters such as Little Red Riding Hood clad in a sarong kebaya (traditional dress worn in Singapore and Malaysia) with a basket of ang ku kueh (‘red tortoise cakes’, a local dessert), and Hansel and Gretel dressed in traditional Malay costumes. Lee also places the characters among attap houses, shophouses, public housing flats and other familiar sights as her tribute to these different architectural features found in Southeast Asia.

Majoko and Shang Liang
The Incredibly Magical Expanding Room

An interactive new media work, The Incredibly Magical Expanding Room employs sound technology and digital animation to create an optical illusion of expanding and contracting walls that respond to the loudness and pitch of a visitor’s voice, encouraging viewers to challenge what they see.

Stephane Blanquet
Glossy Dreams in Depths

The immersive installation Les rêves engloutis – Glossy Dreams in Depths by Stéphane Blanquet takes the visitor on a dreamy adventure on a swivelling bed and spooky monsters, meant to encourage children to conquer their fears of unfamiliar situations and to become heroes in their own adventures.

Vincente Delgado
Around the day in eighty worlds

Also exploring dreams and imaginations, Around the day in eighty worlds by Vicente Delgado brings visitors into a fantastical room of dizzying patterns created out of familiar objects and a little creativity, encouraging them to view our world through different lenses

Julien Salaud
Stellar Cave II

Originally shown in the Palais de Tokyo, Paris in 2012, French artist Julien Salaud has re-installed a version of his work, La Grotte Stellaire (2012), to produce Stellar Cave II within a gallery at SAM at 8Q. Utilising screws and threads to form drawings inspired by prehistoric cave art in France’s Lascaux caves, this ceiling installation, lit by ultra-violet (UV) light, promises a stellar experience!

Art Garden 2013 will also present works created through collaborations, as part of SAM's ongoing efforts to support meaningful projects by the community. It will showcase LANDscape in the Box, a collective work by students from the National University of Singapore's School of Architecture, as well as LOVE. REVOLVE THE WORLD by Singaporean artist Sun Yu-li.

The return of the friendly, colossal bunny Walter, by Dawn Ng, is a highlight of Art Garden 2013. In addition, a selection of child-friendly short films and animations will be screened.

To further enhance the experience of its young visitors, activity sheets will be available for children at four key works. Children can unleash their imagination at The Enchanted Garden City, to create their own interpretations of a garden city; immerse in a kaleidoscopic world in Around the day in eighty worlds; decorate a mask and fight their fears with Les rêves engloutis – Glossy Dreams in Depths; or recreate something cosmic at Stellar Cave II.

Art Garden 2013
17 May to 1 September 2013

Singapore Art Museum at 8Q
8 Queen Street, Singapore 188535

Opening Hours
Mondays to Sundays: 10am to 7pm (Last admission at 6:15pm)
Fridays: 10am to 9pm

Admission Fees
Citizens, PRs and visitors aged 6 and below: Free
Adults: S$10
Students and Seniors 60 years and above (with valid ID): S$5

20% discount on adult admission fees for group of 20 pax or more

Free admission on Fridays from 6pm to 9pm and on Open House days.

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