Singapore Food Dictionary

Constantly on the lookout for the best places to indulge ourselves in our favourite foods, Singaporeans always have a diverse range of recommendations for every kind of cuisine. Must-try Singaporean foods include Hainanese Chicken Rice, Chilli Crab, Katong Laksa and the Singapore Sling. Other signature dishes in Singapore include Nasi Lemak, Bak Kut Teh, Kaya Toast and Roti Prata. Spend some time indulging your stomach in Singaporean classics during your stay here. Browse through the list we have compiled in our Food Dictionary and start your culinary adventure here!

Gado Gado
Pronunciation:gah-doh gah-doh
Description:Gado-Gado is an Indonesian vegetable salad served with peanut sauce dressing. It comprises of lettuce, tomato and cucumber mixed with gado-gado sauce - a concotion of cloved garlics, peants, coconut milk, red chilies and dried shrimp paste. This dish is usually complimented with potatoes, eggs, tofu, rice cake (or lontong), fried shallots, shrimp crackers and nut crackers.
Trivia:Though labelled a salad, with that many ingredients and sides, you would be surprisingly full when you are done with this Malay Archipelagos cuisine.
Goreng Pisang
Pronunciation:gor-reng pee-sahng
Description:Goreng Pisang literally means 'to cook a banana' in Malay. A fried banana snack, or a banana fritter, goreng pisangs are best served fresh out of the frying pan.
Trivia:For the best Goreng Pisangs, bananas which are just a tad overripe should be used so that they will melt in your mouth along with the batter.