Singapore Food Dictionary

Constantly on the lookout for the best places to indulge ourselves in our favourite foods, Singaporeans always have a diverse range of recommendations for every kind of cuisine. Must-try Singaporean foods include Hainanese Chicken Rice, Chilli Crab, Katong Laksa and the Singapore Sling. Other signature dishes in Singapore include Nasi Lemak, Bak Kut Teh, Kaya Toast and Roti Prata. Spend some time indulging your stomach in Singaporean classics during your stay here. Browse through the list we have compiled in our Food Dictionary and start your culinary adventure here!

Kachang Puteh
Pronunciation:kah-chang puu-teı
Description:An assortment of roasted or fried nuts or beans which use to be sold in front of cinemas and recreational parks in small pushcarts. Fondly recalled as the 'popcorn of Singapore', these crunchy nuts used to be sold in narrow paper cones. Today, some movie theatres still has a kachang puteh stand out of nostalgia.
Kambing soup
Description:Sup kambing (goat soup or Indian mutton soup) is a spiced mutton stew that has been cooked for hours, with pieces of mutton and caramelised onions.
Trivia:The crowning aspect of this dish is the marrow inside the bone. It takes some practice to master the skill of sucking out the marrow though... you have been warned.
Kueh Lapis
Pronunciation:kuay lah-pis
Description:Kueh Lapis is a layered cake made from eggs, butter and sugar with each layer being laid and baked separately. Kueh is a generic name for anything pertaining to confectionery while lapis the Malay word for 'layer'.
Trivia:Also known as Thousand Layer Cake, Kueh Lapis is extremely tedious to make as you will have to grill the cake one layer at a time.
Kueh Tutu
Description:Kueh Tutu is a traditional Singaporean delicacy made primarily from rice flour or glutinous rice flour containing either grounded peanuts and sugar or shredded coconut. The typical method of preparation involves rapid steaming of the flour and the filling. Once ready, the Kueh Tutu is served on pandan leaves for additional fragrance.
Kway Chap
Pronunciation:kuay tzup
Description:A Singaporean Chinese dish consisting of broad flat rice noodles in a light soya sauce soup served with stewed pig’s offal (intestines), hard-boiled egg, tau pok (fried bean curd) and salted vegetable. Usually eaten for breakfast or lunch.